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Maegan Swain

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My name is Maegan Swain. I am 29 years old and a California native. I am an NP Physique Competitor and competed previously in Figure since 2008.
I have been helping people change and better their lives through health & fitness for years. I am a well experienced, certified & insured Fitness Professional and I train my clients via distance and one on one in my large private gym. I began a life changing fitness journey to better my health and confidence. Now It is my career and lifestyle. I do love to compete but, not year round; Helping others and their learning to grow in to the goals they have is where my true passion lies. I truly have a passion! It drives deep in my heart for Health and Fitness. My Wish is to build a fitness empire to reach out to as many people as I can.

I have been a sponsored athlete and know the ropes well, I have worked with many of the biggest names in the supplement & fitness word for many years But, I will tell you that being with Bionic Sports Nutrition
makes me feel like never before, the trust, the drive, the products are off the hook. The Owner is always up beet and gives us a lot of latitude.

I live by my TOP 10 Figure facts. You can find them posted on the Bionic Sports Nutrition LLC Face Book Page; So go there, like the Page and learn them all.
Better people, Great products, Makes for Bionic results.

Competition History:


-Contra Costa,CA
-Nevada State, NV
-San Jose,CA

-San Francisco,CA

-Tournament of Champions,CA
-San Francisco,CA

-Europa Dallas TX (Physique)

Upcoming Competition Plans:


My Typical Work Out Split:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Shoulders/Chest/Abs
Wednesday: Legs (Plyometrics)
Thursday: Back/Abs
Friday: Arms
Saturday: Shoulders/Abs
Sunday: Legs (Heavy)

I do cardio 30 min/day on ALL training days.
For pre contest prep, I implement High Intensity Interval cardio or (HIIT) sessions twice/week & Increase duration as needed.